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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Corn Chowder - RAW

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By default, January is usually the month that best suits slurping up soup.  Short days, long dark nights; cold winds, and freezing flurries.  Well, usually.  

So far, this month has come in rather like a lamb, wouldn’t you say?  This week’s above normal mild temperatures had me tossing aside my new super puffy and super cozy parka, in favour of my delightfully bright green spring jacket.  It certainly feels like a treat, but we all know that the worst is yet to come, as mother nature always seem to pack a punch when we least expect it.  Or at least it’s hopeful that she will, lest our environment be suffering so much that the old gal can’t even deliver on one or two heavy dumpings of the white stuff.

Okay, enough with my un-certifiable meteorological ramblings; let’s talk food.  Raw food.  Yes, this comfortable weather has had me thinking more room temperature, less hot and steamy when it comes to recipes.  So I decided to work on a tried and true comfort food, but make it raw; still retaining the depth and warmth in seasoning expected from the country classic, but lighter.  

Creamy Corn Chowder
     4 ears corn, kernels removed
·    1 C frozen corn
·    1 small shallot, chopped
·    3 C almond milk
·    1.5 t cumin
·    1 T dried chives
·    1 T EVOO
·    Sea salt to taste
·    1/4 red pepper, finely diced

Reserve 1/4 C corn for garnish.

Blend remaining ingredients, except the red pepper in blender, and serve topped with corn kernels and red pepper.