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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amped-Up Lentil Hummus

The inevitable outcome of many a meal made at home tends to amount to a vast variety of fridge and pantry odds and ends – the pile of leftover ingredients you are stuck with after having purchased a bunch of recipe-specific food items.  Living alone and constantly cooking, I tend to have quite a few unfinished bottles of this, or jars of that. 
One evening this past week as dinner time was quickly approaching, I dove in to my pantry to grab some quinoa or brown rice to use as a base for an Asian-inspired veggie bowl I had been thinking about creating all day.  But for the first time in as long as I can remember, I had neither item in stock.  Clearly, something had hiccupped in my by now well-honed grocery shopping-shopping list food supply system!  Not one, but two of my pantry staples had run out?  Inconceivable.   

And so, I did what any kitchen creative would do, and I compromised.  I turned to the lone can of lentils that sat on the top shelf, and quickly my meal plan morphed from the world of miso gravy and kimchi, to a trip to the smooth and spicy landscape of curry, curry, and more curry.

And what was I left with at the end?  A half a can of soft and mushy un-used lentils in the fridge, that I gave new life to via this humble yet delicious take on hummus.  With an extra kick of good fat and protein thanks to the addition of hemp hearts!

Amped-Up Lentil Hummus
·         1 C cooked lentils (freshly cooked or canned)
·         1 small clove garlic
·         7-8 fresh basil leaves
·         1 T freshly squeezed lemon juice
·         1 1/2 T tahini
·         1 T hemp hearts
·         1 T extra virgin olive oil
·         1/2 t cumin
·         Sea salt to taste

Add all ingredients, minus the sea salt, to a SMALL (2-4 cup) food processor.  Process on low until desired consistency is reached.  I like it a little bit chunky.  Season with salt to taste.

If you only have a large bowl processor, feel free to double all of the ingredients.  This will help bulk up the contents to allow for easier blending.

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